Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lentil Beans!

Current bank balances for the Cousin Club Bank (of Lentil Beans, of course) are posted in the sidebar. Something more secure will be in place eventually. In the meantime, blog admins should note that simply editing the balance shown here does not change your balance. I mean, honestly, there're only, like Ł250 in existence... or at least to which we have access. So if the blog starts saying you have even as "little" as Ł1,000, everyone will know you're lying.

Remember when we used to "print" our own money (i.e., draw it) rather than carry around little steel balls? Maybe a vote to go back to that in 2007?


joAco said...

I thought Pounds were aboid.
Don't you start saving Euros?

How Can I get an account? You'll see, I got this large amount of illegal money from drug traffic...

Good Luck

Tim said...

Hmm... random stranger comments. That's nice.

Lentil Beans really have no cash equivalency... especially for non-members. As the name of the club would imply, you have to be related to us (in a rather specific way) to join. Also, Lentil Beans are not Pounds in any way, shape, or form. They aren't even meant to resemble pounds. Note the difference between the symbols Ł and £. This is specifically so they don't get confused.

By the way, the average age of our 11 current members (2 provisionals who have yet to be inducted have CC Bank accounts), is 13. So, we're pretty much children. No illegal stuff here.

Laurel said...

HAHA, thats awesome we have illegal people commenting our site, very interesting! But that is very true, although Lentil beans have been traded for things such as chocolate that could make them worth actual money as occasionally I will give my sisters nickels or dimes to do the same thing!

It should be noted that the oldest in our group is what 18? 19 perhaps haha I should know that!

Tim said...

Twenty. The age range is 6 to 20.

Laurel said...

Oh thats right, i did know that I swear I did!