Thursday, December 28, 2006

Getting There

We've designed the color schemes for all 12 months. Now, only three tasks remain:

1. Finding cute little pictures for the corner of the January-November templates (à la cute Christmas tree with teddy bear both shown at left and featured for December),
2. Resizing them accordingly and making sure they're consistent with the color scheme, and
3. Programming a script that will automatically update the template at midnight on the first of each month.
And they must be done in that order. So for now, the template updates will be done manually on my part... and I'm not logging in at midnight on January 1 to change it instead of watching the ball drop in Times Square!

Bottom line, if the template doesn't change right at midnight, don't cry.


Laurel said...

Geez Tim, I remember New Years Eve at Jana and Richards house when they lived in the office place and you would be on the computer the entire night, the rest of us would watch movies and you would be on the computer and I would go between the two. One year we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I don't know why I remember that.

Tim said...

I believe I'd already seen that movie. And besides, that was where I often worked on the Cousin Club's first web site, which still exists here, albeit with plenty of broken links due to going 6.5 years without upkeep.

The point, however, is that I was always watching the TV for the big moment at midnight!