Monday, January 22, 2007

March/April Icon Contest

To amend Laurel's post about the monthly icon ideas, since she told everyone to send emails to me, and ultimately I have to deal with things, I should set the deadlines to fit my schedule.

The deadline for the March/April icon contest, as outlined in Laurel's post will be 11:59pm ET on Monday, February 12, 2007. If I don't receive any entries by then, I'll simply choose my own icons for March and April.

Here is a taste of what the templates will (roughly) look like:

Enter your icon for March
Your icon can go with this color scheme in March! Just submit it by 2/12/07 for a chance to win. For the latest news on the template schemes, click here. Or, learn about other contests.
Enter your icon for April
Your icon can go with this color scheme in April! Just submit it by 2/12/07 for a chance to win. For the latest news on the template schemes, click here. Or, learn about other contests.

Please note that the images will also be placed on the respective backgrounds for each month, so your icon will partially be judged on how well it fits the existing color schemes selected for each month (i.e., orange with purple is typically not a good idea). Also, bear in mind that images will be resized in Photoshop to be between 125 and 150 pixels wide (the same size as all the other ones so far), so simple images are just as good, if not better, than intricate ones.

Again, the deadline for March and April submissions is 11:59pm ET on Monday, February 12, 2007. Email all submissions to me (Tim). And if you don't have my email address, ask and ye shall receive.

Note: Because I haven't programmed the script yet, I can't promise that the winning entries will go up exactly on March 1 and April 1, respectively. Sorry.

The May/June contest will be announced in late-February 2007.


This is actually Aunt Beverly, on behalf of Scott and Daniel, signing them up.

Monthly Pictures

As Tim has already mentioned, and as you may have noticed the colors on this site will be changing monthly according to the colors that we found appropriate to represent each month. Also, every month the picture will change. The December, January, and February pictures have already been chosen but we would like your input on the pictures for the other 9 months.

To keep it simple we will ask that for now you only send ideas for March, and then once we have the perfect March picture we will move on to April and so on and so forth! Email the pictures to Tim by February 16th so that we will have enough time to choose the winning picture.

Be creative and think of a clever picture to depict March and then check out the site on March 1st to see if your picture was chosen.


More Bloggers!

We're gradually phasing in the addition of more Bloggers to this blog, so that all the cousins can be better represented. This was ultimately the intent of this blog, although we weren't quite ready for it until now.

So this afternoon I sent out a couple invites to Cousin Club members.

For those wondering why Laurel hasn't ever posted to this, it's simple: It's the end of the semester for her, and she's been very busy. She has had much input over how this blog has formed, and she promises to post soon.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

January Birthdays

I added this month's birthdays to the sidebar (albeit a little too late to celebrate either). Birthdays will be denoted each month by the birthday cake icon. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bank News

We recently overcame the technical difficulties and have been able to post the bank balances. Interest for December 2006 was added, and the balances posted are thus accurate as of 1/1/07.

Also, there is nearly Ł5,000 presently in circulation. Don't forget to deposit your money in the bank at the end of a club event, or you won't be able to earn interest for probably a couple months. It's just that simple!



I finally got around to updating to the template scheme for January. The problem lied mainly in the fact we didn't have a picture for January yet, like the Christmas tree for December. That, and I don't have Photoshop on my laptop. Now we have the proper picture, and the proper template to match. And I've got one ready for February, too.

Please remember that the script to have the template automatically change is still not in existence. This is an ideality, and will not necessarily happen. It would be really nice to have a picture for every month before I program that.