Saturday, December 30, 2006


Paper lentil bean currencies were distributed to the membership at the Christmas festivities today. Since we're no longer limited to the number of steel balls to which we have access, the paper bean to steel ball exchange ratio was defined as 113.4 (approx. Ł113 10'3"/ball) and account balances were converted to the paper currency effective 12/30/06 at 2:30pm ET.

How to understand the new currency:
Whole lentil beans come in eight denominations, each with a cartoon silhouette of a different color. The denominations are: Ł1,000 (red), Ł500 (yellow), Ł341 (orange), Ł100 (blue), Ł50 (purple), Ł10 (gray), Ł5 (green), and Ł1 (white). Please observe that the Ł341 note is not a joke, and actually holds a value of Ł341.

Fractional beans are defined in "bits" and "pieces." There are 27 bits in a bean, and 4 pieces in a bit, yielding a total of 108 pieces in a lentil bean. Bits are denoted with a single prime, pieces with a double prime. The paper "coins" come in four denominations with different colored text: Ł0 09' (red), Ł0 03' (blue), Ł0 01' (green), and Ł0 00'1" (black).

Members may deposit their monies in the Cousin Club Bank at any time. Balances at the end of each month will be credited with interest in the amount of 0.359 pieces per lentil bean deposited (approx. 4.06% APY). Fractional pieces will be tracked to at least five decimal places, but will not be able to be withdrawn.

Enjoy your money, and Happy New Year!