Monday, September 3, 2007

Induction Clarification

Technically speaking, Craig Lawrie's honorary membership status was confirmed, but he has not yet been officially inducted. That's what the ceremony is for.

Right now, the only real things (minor in my opinion) differentiating him from regular members are:

  1. He doesn't yet have a vote at official meetings. Such official votes, though, generally don't include deciding on activities, so he can still have input on that.
  2. He doesn't yet have a CC Bank account or a balance thereof.
  3. His birthday is not yet set to be recognized in the monthly birthdays list.
He will receive all of these rights after his formal induction, which, personally, I'd like to have done in December. We'll have to use our November meeting(s) to plan the event. If we don't get our acts together, we might have to wait until March or May 2008, and that's no good for anybody.

Sorry for any confusion about Craig's status, but we all know he's as good as in!