Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cousin Club Fun Week 2007

Members of the Cousin Club,

You are invited to the ninth annual Cousin Club Fun Week, to be held from August 1-8, 2007 at Jim and Carolyn's house!

Just so you're aware, Dan Rice Days will be held in downtown Girard all day on Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4. The Fun Week will also coincide with the annual J. W. Whitehill reunion at Waldameer Park and Water World on Sunday, August 5! A separate announcement has been sent to your home with additional details.

We know that many of you have other activities scheduled for this busy time of the summer, and so we ask you to select four days (aside from the reunion) on which you can be with us so that we can effectively plan the rest of our activities. We would also like to know what people would like to do while they're in Girard, so please fill out and return the paper response forms that were mailed to you, or fill out the online response form no later than July 15, 2007.

With the exception of Reunion Day, decisions on what to do each day will be made on a daily basis by consensus of those present, obviously taking weather into consideration. This blog will be used throughout the planning process as an open forum for discussion as far as coordinating when people will be in town with the activities they choose, so that activities need not be repeated. Please utilize the comment function effectively, and include the "Fun Week" label in all new posts pertaining thereto.

In order to fully use the Cousin Club blog, you will need to be sent an invite and create a Google Account. If you need an invite, please email Tim and he will set one up for you. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to call Carolyn.

We hope to see all of you here for a few days in August!